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our vision

Asian Raisins strives for an inclusive Netherlands free from racism, xenophobia or racist stereotypes. Not only as part of the law, but also the collective consciousness of us as Dutch. Everyone should be seen as a fully-fledged person and no one should have to deal with racist statements and actions. Asian Raisins is committed to the emancipation of Asian Dutch people where silence is broken. We also want Dutch people with an Asian appearance or origin to unite and come forward as one team. Speaking up as one clear voice on the issues of racism and discrimination and fighting together. Not only with regard to us, but also to other minorities in the Netherlands.

our mission

The Asian Raisins Foundation is a Dutch interest group: an anti-racism organization and media platform that makes social problems visible and negotiable through appealing and proactive campaigns and urges governments, educational institutions, the media and individuals to eradicate (unconscious) racism and discrimination. Asian Raisins has the ambition to contribute to the media and film world through a multidisciplinary creative collective to improve the representation of Asians and their stories.

our core values

Asian Raisins operates on the basis of the following ten core values: limitlessness, diversity, inclusivity, integrity, independence, steadfastness, transparency, systems thinking, connecting and self-reflection.


Asian Raisins are not limited in their way of thinking. We look for endless ideas, multiple possibilities and spontaneous opportunities. In our organization we want to create a culture and environment in which there is sufficient room for people who want to think out-of-the-box.


Diversity stands for accessibility. We want our organization to be a good reflection of the population in the Netherlands and that everyone feels welcome. This also means creating a secure platform where everyone feels comfortable speaking out as a person.


Inclusivity stands for equality. Asian Raisins will not exclude anyone from the community to the core and will treat everyone equally. This means that in everything we do – our language, our subjects, our behavior towards the community and our actions, we treat differences with respect and treat people as having the same rights. We will not participate in ableism. We welcome everyone from the LGBTQIA + community as well as mixed and adopted individuals.


We act with reasonableness and reliability. This means that we are non-violent and peaceful. Our first response is to enter into dialogue and offer help to solve the problem together. For all our actions, we act within the boundaries of our democratic rule of law and do not participate in intimidation, violence and corruption. We have integrity.


Asian Raisins is backed by individual supporters and partners who align with our goals and core values. We are politically and religiously independent and do not accept donations from companies and governments that do not meet our core values.


Asian Raisins is steadfast in addressing racist abuse. Every victory, big or small, contributes to an inclusive Netherlands. We keep going even if it requires new creative actions and we are decisive in execution. For any wrongdoing, we will remain articulate until there is satisfaction for our community.


Asian Raisins is transparent in its core and in as many aspects as possible. We are clear and public about our finances and business operations. This also applies to editorial choices such as our approaches to cases. The same applies when we make mistakes, we are open about them and share them with our community.

Systems thinking

Asian Raisins focuses on the major structures and systems behind discrimination and racism. We do not limit ourselves to specific solutions for one-off problems, but rather take a sector-wide approach. We look for connections between individual cases and prefer to tell the bigger story about institutional racism.

To connect

Asian Raisins believes in the power of large groups of people who together achieve real change. This also applies to cooperation with other organizations in the form of sustainable relationships. The future of an inclusive Netherlands lies in the hands of millions of people who share our beliefs. Working together and connecting with others, we can tackle and solve problems of racism at a national (and even European) level.


We are an introspective organization. Not only do we raise problems with other organizations, but we also regularly take a critical look at ourselves. This means identifying our own role in the racism debate, raising taboos and other topics among Asians for discussion, and being open to criticism and improvement.

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