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about us

The Asian Raisins foundation is one of the leading organisations fighting racism against East- and Southeast Asian people in the Netherlands since March 2020. With the help of 60 volunteers, we operate from our three programs: Storytelling, Action and Community.

These programs show the diversity within the East- and Southeast Asian communities in the Netherlands, prevent, detect and act on racist events and create an environment in which people from these communities can get together. By doing this, we strive for an equal, representative, inclusive and eventually racism-free country.


our mission

Asian Raisins fights racism against people of East- and Southeast Asian descent in the Netherlands.


our vision

We fight for a country in which East and Southeast Asian people can recognise themselves as worthy human beings in every facet of society; not as a stereotype, second class citizen or laughingstock. In this country, East and Southeast Asian people could go outside without fear of being called names by strangers and racist comments would not be normalised as a joke.

Everyone of East and Southeast Asian descent should be able to be proud of their roots, appearance and culture. In order to achieve these aspirations, an intersectional change of the system is required: in the media, politics, education and eventually society.

Because no one else is doing it, we take matters into our own hands. We open the dialogue with governments, organisations and influential individuals. We take the streets to protest. We conduct awareness campaigns and rap racist parties over the knuckles. We will not wait any longer and claim our rightful place in The Netherlands ourselves. And you?

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