Letters of complaint: Singing: ‘Hanky Panky Shanghai’

Leestijd: < 1 minuut According to different voices within our community the song “Hanky Panky Shanghai” appears to still be sung during birthdays in Dutch schools. Around the community support in the banning of this song from the school where parents have their children Asian Raisins At popular request, the following template has been drawn up as a letter […]

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“Sorry Boss” Or A Kick In Your Face

Leestijd: 4 minuten The author of this case study is Nick Iconick. He is a 25-year-old Indo and grew up in Noord-Brabant. Nick is a member of the Asian Raisins team and helps create and control multimedia content. In this case he tells about all the ins and outs of the abuse of Y. (16) in Zaandam. Five […]

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STOP Hanky Panky Shanghai