Maud, from our Asian Raisins campaign “Stop Hanky Panky Shanghai,” has been nominated for the Young Impact Awards.

Leestijd: 2 minuten Maud, Action Program Manager at Asian Raisins, has been nominated for the Young Impact Awards due to her contributions to our anti-racism campaign, “Stop Hanky Panky Shanghai.” Young Impact is an organization that supports and provides a platform for young changemakers, at which annually they present awards to ambitious young individuals who go to great lengths with their social initiatives. The Asian Raisins campaign “Stop Hanky Panky Shanghai” calls on people to sign the petition against the so-called birthday song “Hanky Panky Shanghai,” which has originated from racist and persistent stereotypes. From October 2nd to October 27th onwards, you can vote for Maud on the Young Impact website.

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Leestijd: 5 minuten In May of 2022, the supermarket Lidl followed through on an agreement that they would change the packaging for their prawn crackers. These products displayed stigmatising illustrations ranging from cone hats to Fu Manchu moustaches and because of this, Asian Raisins contacted the company. In this article you can read how we were able to make this change

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Leestijd: 3 minuten A.E.P.O.C. creates connections between different POC communities from within the arts and creative industries from all different kinds of disciplines. From visual artists to musicians; from performing artists to curators; from organizers to writers.

Communities often establish themselves separate from others. That is extremely effective and powerful. However, at the same time, it’s imperative that we work together; that we work on building cross-associations and networks to reinforce each other. A.E.P.O.C.’s focus lies on the artistic practice and growth, exchanges within disciplines and the business side of the field.

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It’s official: Asian Raisins is a Non-profit!

Leestijd: < 1 minuut Dear Asian Raisins, It’s time! On January 26th 2021, we were officially incorporated as a non-profit organisation. We are one step closer to a world without anti-Asian racism and discrimination. We would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support. To our passionate volunteers, our tireless board, all old friends and new faces on Facebook […]

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STOP Hanky Panky Shanghai