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Kelly’s Story

FOTO MET DANK AAN KELLY EN TESSELY. Oftentimes we imagine the Netherlands as a tolerant…

ByByMaxMay 26, 20210210

Anti-South Asian Racism in the Netherlands

Written by Tamara Gan Kristensen, writer at Asian Raisins and an international student in Amsterdam.…

ByByTamara K.May 3, 20210267

Opinion: We Will Not Stay Quiet – Silence is Privilege

This photo is calm. This photo is quiet. This photo is serene. This photo is…

ByByTamara K.March 23, 20210804

Opinion: Why I write about racism

Why I write about racism? My first encounter with racism in the Netherlands shattered my…

ByByAsian RaisinsMarch 17, 20210433

Opinion: “Just a joke” is a feeble excuse to be racist

This article was written by Thu Bui. Thu is currently a writer at Asian Raisins…

ByByAsian RaisinsSeptember 16, 202011236

Opinion: Who Is The Real Victim?

Written, translated, and adapted by Josin Hu, of Chinese origin and the president of the…

ByByJosin HuJuly 20, 20200490

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