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With your donation we can fight racism, raise awareness and help our victims better.

ar doneren

Asian Raisins is one of the leading voices of the Dutch Asian community. As a non-profit organization that creates awareness and fights against anti-Asian racism and discrimination, we strive to make the Netherlands a home for everyone. We are a growing and sustainable organization, and we need you!

South- and Southeast-Asian Dutch people experience anti-Asian racism on a daily basis. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, racism in the Netherlands has only become worse and more visible. Unfortunately, it still occurs in classrooms as well. The ‘birthday song’ “Hanky ​​Panky Shanghai” embodies the normalization of anti-Asian racism in the Netherlands.

We need your support to launch our “Stop Hanky ​​Panky Shanghai” campaign during the Fall of 2021. This way Asian Raisins wants to make people aware of the negative consequences of this ‘birthday song’. We strive for a fun and inclusive birthday party for every child.

Every child deserves a happy birthday: Stop Hanky Panky Shanghai.

It’s time for the classroom to become an inclusive learning environment for all children. An important step towards an inclusive learning environment is an inclusive birthday party. It’s time for teachers, school boards, parents and education volunteers to say goodbye to the song “Hanky Panky Shanghai”. We need your support!

Simultaneously with this campaign, Asian Raisins will start a petition. Its main goal is to collect enough signatures against “Hanky Panky Shanghai” to ensure that this song is no longer taught in schools and teacher education for primary schools.

With your donation we can fight racism, raise awareness and help our victims better. We want better representation in the Netherlands. What about you?

STOP Hanky Panky Shanghai