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We celebrate birthdays with cake, presents and birthday songs to put someone in the spotlight, right? Yet sometimes these songs completely miss the mark; like the song ‘Hanky Panky Shanghai’ that stems from persistent and racist stereotypes.

The song shows that racism against East- and Southeast Asians is normalised in the Netherlands. This has to stop.

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The Asian Raisins Foundation is a Dutch interest group: an anti-racism organization and media platform that makes social problems visible and open to discussion through appealing and proactive campaigns.

We encourage governments, educational institutions, the media and individuals to eradicate (unconscious) racism and discrimination.

Asian Raisins is committed to spreading knowledge and creating awareness in the Netherlands about racism and discrimination against Asians.


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Do you also want Asian Dutch to be better represented? Do you know better than anyone how to reach the Dutch public? Are you skilled with press releases and (social) media channels? As a board member of Marketing and Communication you determine the communication plan to create awareness for discrimination against people with an Asian appearance or background.

STOP Hanky Panky Shanghai