Three illustrations next to each other made by Promi Tahsin Mia
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Asian Praisings is a column where we give special attention to people of Asian descent. Through short interviews, we hope to improve the representation Asians and Asian Dutch. This time our interviewee is Promi Tahsin Mia.

Promi Tahsin Mia (15) is a self-taught Bangladesh-based illustrator. She incorporates social issues, modern aesthetics mixed with traditional clothing into her artworks in a beautiful way and publishes them on her Instagram: @stymphali.

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Who are you as a person and illustrator?

I’m just a 15-year-old kid. Not really someone professional. I started this account just to share my art which I create in my free time and also to let other people know a little bit about my Asian culture.

What inspires you to create your work?

I get my ideas from my Asian culture and sometimes from movies or just my surroundings.



Which illustration is your favourite?

I really don’t have a personal favourite illustration. Somehow I can always find some sort of flaw in my artwork. But people are kind enough to always encourage me to do my best.

Apart from my own illustrations, all the illustrations that I find on the internet are so beautiful and amazing. The illustrators are so talented and creative that every single one of their posts leaves me in compete awe.

What are your future goals?

I really don’t have a specific goal at the moment. I’m just going with the flow, trying to convey a message with my artwork, and making my voice heard. I’m also not quite sure what I want to do for my future, maybe I want to study fashion or accounting. It totally depends on what the future holds for me.


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