Notaris stichting asian raisins
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Dear Asian Raisins,

It’s time! On January 26th 2021, we were officially incorporated as a non-profit organisation. We are one step closer to a world without anti-Asian racism and discrimination.

We would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support. To our passionate volunteers, our tireless board, all old friends and new faces on Facebook and Instagram, thank you.

We would also like to thank Lambeck Harms Notarissen for their legal assistance in our founding. 

Together we will make the Netherlands a little bit better, kinder, and more inclusive. Without you we could have never accomplished this much. If you’re interested in what’s on for 2021, please have a look at our policy plan on our website. We look forward to a 2021 where we may join hands and take racism head-on.

Do you want to take part in this amazing organisation and help us create a country where everyone feels at home? Have a look at our site or send us a message.

We strive for a better future for all of us!

  • Photo: @ruijunluong
  • Left to right: Amy (board member communication), Tamara (treasurer), Rui Jun (chair), Wei Lun (secretary), Maud (general board member).
  • Edit: on the 10th of Febuary this article was edited for spelling mistakes.