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report anti asian racism

don't stay passive take action!

Make a report

Are you a Dutch person with Asian heritage or do you have an Asian appearance? Have you experienced racism in person or online? Were you or do you feel discriminated? Then you can report the incident safely and easily using our form below. You can only submit a report for yourself. If your report concerns someone else, you will need a written authorisation and permission from the person you are reporting an incident for.

Asian Raisins has composed this form with utmost care. Asian Raisins will collect all the reports, register and gather them in order to discover the exact numbers. These statistics will be used to gain clearer insight into actual racism, discrimination and violence against Asians. If necessary, Asian Raisins will contact anti-discrimination organisations and the police in the Netherlands to share the statistics in order to map racism, discrimination and violence.

Asians Raisins will evaluate each individual report to determine the optimal approach to address the problem. Which actions are ultimately taken will depends on the situation. For example:

  • tips & tricks will be given on how to deal with the situation;
  • a letter will be sent to the person or organisation in question;
  • a conversation will be set up with the organisation in question in the report;
  • a more elaborate investigation will be initiated on the incident;

If you have any doubts about reporting or if you have any questions or comments, you can contact the Asian Raisins Team.

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