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stop hanky panky shanghai - retrospective

We fight for an inclusive birthday celebration for every child. What have we achieved so far?

We developed a social media campaign to bring attention to anti-East and Southeast Asian racism and developed a teaching toolkit with ZetJeIn. How do you make sure a classroom is both safe and inclusive for every child? And what do children experience if this is not the case?

Different media outlets like NOS, Hart van Nederland and the Algemeen Dagblad all gave notice of this issue and reported on it.

Last June we took to the streets with a large group of volunteers to talk to people about the campaign. During these conversations the problem itself was not the only topic at hand; potential solutions for it were often discussed too. In ten cities over 45 Raisins and allies were simultaneously handing out flyers and stickers to people passing by.

Our Maud even got nominated for a Young Impact NL Award for their contributions to the Stop Hanky Panky Shanghai campaign. A nice icing on the cake.

But above all over 4500 people signed our petition to ban the racist song for good.

"Your signature is still very welcome!"

If you encounter anti-East or Southeast Asian racism and stereotypes anywhere in the Netherlands, from media to street art to school books, report this to us! We may address the matter publicly. If not, then you have helped us gain a better understanding of racism in the Netherlands.