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Teaching package


Asian Raisins is developing a teaching package for primary schools in partnership with Zetje In. You can soon download this for free. The purpose of this teaching package is to make children and the adults in their surroundings aware of (anti-East and Southeast Asian) racism and discrimination. We advocate for racism-free classrooms that are considered safe and inclusive by every child; an environment in which every child feels heard and understood (by teachers and authority figures).

Purpose of the teaching package:

Racism is taught at a young age, often at school. Thererfore it’s so necessary to safely teach children about social issues like racism and discrimination. In this teaching package, ‘Hanky Panky Shanghai’ is used as a catalyst to learn about racism and discrimination. Additionally, students will be taught to recognise discrimination and racism and to report this.

What does the teaching package entail?

Currently, the pilot is being developed for Dutch primary schools (groep 7 and 8) and will consist of two 60-minute sessions. The educator is free to determine the interval between the two sessions.


  1. Two lessons using experiential learning and creative learning to stimulate empathy for others.
  2. Toolkit for educators that substantiates the social and pedagogical importance of these lessons.
  3. Newsletter for parents, with a short description of the content of the sessions. The newsletter can be used as a tool for parents to start the conversation with (their) children and other adults.
Do you want to take part in the pilot? You can contact us at publicrelations[at]asianraisins.nl!

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