Transnational Adoption needs to stop!

Leestijd: 3 minuten Happy Mother’s day! But for those who have lost their child or mother to transnational adoption, this holiday might not be so joyful. Today, in collaboration with the ARAN Foundation and the MiGreat Foundation, we are kicking off the first part of a series about transnational adoption. Our first part focuses on the colonial origins of transnational adoption, discussing colonialism in general, white supremacy and last but not least white saviourism. On behalf of Asian Raisins, ARAN and MiGreat, we wish much love and strength to those for whom today is a day of loss in regard to their mother-child bond, caused by transnational adoption

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Asians Speaking Up: The Story of Stefan

Leestijd: 6 minuten Growing up between different cultures and experiencing discrimination and racism have an impact on our mental health. Asian Raisins believes that this deserves more attention. For the Storytelling project ‘Asians Speaking Up: Mental Health,’ we asked people from East and Southeast Asian communities about their experiences and how those experiences affected their mental well-being.

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