Opinion: “Just a joke” is a feeble excuse to be racist

Leestijd: 4 minuten This article was written by Thu Bui. Thu is currently a writer at Asian Raisins and has been living in the Netherlands for three years. Through this piece, Thu wants to draw the hard line between being funny and being racist.   Raise your hands if you’ve ever been the subject of a distasteful racial […]

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Opinion: Who Is The Real Victim?

Leestijd: 7 minuten Written, translated, and adapted by Josin Hu, of Chinese origin and the president of the Association of British and Chinese University Students at the University of Bristol. He wants to create awareness of racism against people of Asian descent; supporting the Public Affairs team of Asian Raisins and is a columnist at asianraisins.nl Klik hier […]

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STOP Hanky Panky Shanghai