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Buy some snacks in advance, because on Sunday 31 May we have a new Asian Raisins Watch Live ready for you. This time in collaboration with More than Babipangang. More than Babi Pangang shows the diversity of the Chinese Indian community in the Netherlands. With this we want to break outdated stereotypes and clichés such as “poochinese”, “sambal bee” and that we eat dogs and cats. By sharing personal stories from the shared past, experiences from the present and our vision for the future, we aim to provide a wide audience with insight into the rich cultures of these communities.

Tomorrow we also have a Watch Live: Inburgering En Hangul Blues.

We have three short films ready for you next Sunday. For the fighting fans, this is a very cool Watch Live that you should not miss! Are you curious about what these are about? You can see the trailers below. The program is as follows:

Zondag 31 mei 2020
14:00 – 14:10 Dìyù
14:10 – 14:45 Firelily
14:45 – 15:10 STEAM

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Dìyù (2017)

In Dìyù, a kung-fu master is confronted by a cyborg demon from hell.

Firelily (2019)

Firelily is the debut (short) film by the young filmmaker / artist Emily van der Veer.

The story follows a Chinese woman, Jia, in Brussels in the early 1990s. After her lover’s death, Jia visits her in-laws to bring his ashes. Unsure about how the new family will respond to her, she also carries a lot of baggage with her; its past, its culture and its vision of the future. After the film, filmmaker Emily van der Veer and lead actress Lei Qiu will be present to answer all questions live.


STEAM (2017)

STEAM is full of martial arts and steampunk, starring stuntman Jacky Dunnes (Michiel de Ruyter and Flikken Rotterdam). A locomotive mechanic becomes entangled in a conflict with his former gang members. He’s trying to fight himself out here. STEAM has participated in 25 film festivals across 7 countries between 2018-2020. Received four awards for, among others, BEST STUNTMAN and BEST ACTION. Finally, honored with a heritage mention to the Committee for the Conservation of Martial Heritage.

Pau Han Kho (director) and Jacky Dunnes (actor) will answer all questions live.

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