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Asian Raisins - Rui Jon Luong

Rui Jun Luong (1996)
Grown up in Friesland and has had to deal with a lot of discrimination and racism. She is a multidisciplinary designer and initiator of Asian Raisins. She hopes this will prevent others from experiencing the same thing as her.

Asian Raisins - Wei Lun Lam

Wei Lun Lam (1994)

Wei Lun is engaged in the advocacy of Asian Raisins in the broadest sense of the word. As a lawyer, he guides and handles a variety of legal and social issues. He fights for an inclusive Netherlands free from racism and discrimination.

Asian Raisins - Alex Zhao

Alex Zhao (1995)
Coordinates the Written Content of Asian Raisins. As a sinologist graduated from Leiden University, he studies Chinese history in his spare time and also writes articles about it.

Asian Raisins - Queeny Ly

Queeny Ly (1987)
Currently in the process of retraining herself as a beautician. She too believes that the measure is full, and that action must be taken against Asian racism. She is active in the creative team and supports her crazy teammates where necessary.

Asian Raisins - Songkie Lie

Songkie Lie (1977) – Manager of Asian Raisins.nl
Freelance UI / UX Visual Designer and manager of the ‘Asian Raisins’ site that, together with his team, devises content to create awareness within Dutch society. With this he contributes to a young talented team in the fight against discrimination and racism.

Asian Raisins - Josin Hu

Josin Hu (2002)
Second-generation Chinese and President of the University of Bristol’s Association of British and Chinese University Students. He wants to create awareness for racism against people of Asian appearance or origin; supports the Public Affairs team and is a regular writer on asianraisins.nl.

Asian Raisins - Nick Iconick

Nick Iconick (1994)
Multimedia guru who expresses himself through design, photography, videography and writing. Leisure language Nazi, sneaker fanatic and fighter for an inclusive world. One we together is stronger than ten times me.

Asian Raisins - Everest Thung

Everest Thung (1988) ~ At your service
Creative thinker with a heart in the Transport and IT world, currently working as a taxi entrepreneur and bus driver. Advises and supports Asian Raisins where necessary and wants to encourage fellow Asians to show themselves more and also to fraternize more: Show Yourself!

Vincent Yeers (1996)
Political science student, politically active, he is of Chinese descent and belongs to the Uyghur ethnic group. And he is also the co-initiator of the petition “we are not viruses”. He is also very focused on the topic of sexuality / gender.

Asian Raisins - Michael Schnörr

Michael Schnörr (1985)
Acts as an actor to create understanding rather than judgment. It happens too often that non-Western actors exaggerate stereotypes under pressure. That is why he fights with Asian Raisins for diversity and sincere media representation of Dutch people with a migrant background.

Asian Raisins - Julien van Wallenburg

Julien van Wallenburg (1998)
Julien follows the Social Work training with the aim of offering young people perspective in the care-giving sector by means of advice, guidance, policy or direct contact in society. Julien has an Asian background and joins the Asian Raisins team because he wants to give youth a voice in the fight against racism against Asian people.

Asian Raisins - Tuan Vo

Tuan Vo (1981) – Facebook Moderator
Tuan moderates Asian Raisins and Crimes Against Asians from NextShark, an international news website targeting Asians with over 3 million readers per month.

Asian Raisins - Roos Smeets

Roos Smeets (2000)
Studying Communication & Multimedia design at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, she makes
user-friendly products. She is tired of seeing only stereotypes of Asian people in the media and wants to change that together with Asian Raisins.

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